Seven Things to do to Prevent Colon Cancer

As are all forms of cancer, colon cancer is extremely detrimental to your health.


Colon cancer has been claiming the lives of thousands upon thousands of people each year, leaving behind a plethora of loved ones mourning the lives of those lost to colon cancer.

We will all die someday, but it does not have to be by the hands of colon cancer.

There are ways in which you can prevent colon cancer.

Here are seven tips for preventing colon cancer..

Watch what you eat

Your diet plays a huge role in your risk of colon cancer.

The typical diet consists of foods that are high in fat and lacks nutritious foods, such as fruits in vegetables that are high in fiber.

This type of diet puts you at greater risk of colon cancer. If instead you were to reverse that and consume foods such as fruits and vegetables and other foods high in fiber and eat little to no foods that are high in fat, you would be on the right track.

Stop smoking cigarettes or do not begin smoking them

Smoking cigarettes can put you at a higher risk of colon cancer. Smoking can create greater risk for polyps, which are clumps of tissue that grow in the colon and can become cancerous.

Removed polyps are also more likely to regrow in smokers. It is a nasty habit; kick it to the curb to help prevent colon cancer.


Exercise has numerous benefits for your body for some reasons. It’s a great way to get or stay in shape, helping you for fee better but also helps in the prevention of colon cancer.

When we exercise we not only look better on the outside we get our insides working better as well.

cure-1006807_640Limiting your consumption of Alcohol

If you are consuming more that one to two alcoholic beverage per day you’re are putting you at an increased risk of colon cancer.

Remind yourself that if you choose to drink, to drink in moderation.

By taking “Aspirin” in addition to other NSAIDs evidence suggest will decrease your risk for colon cancer.

Natural inhibitors of prostaglandin have been shown to reduce your risk as well.

Remove polyps

Polyps can become cancerous. To avoid this situation, you can have them removed from your colon.

They could grow back, but you should still have them removed.

Try colon cleansing

Colon cleansing can be a good way to eradicate dangerous toxins that have accumulated in your colon.

Since your body is exposed to numerous toxins every day ( when we eat, drink and breathe), it is easy to see how they can accumulate and amass in your colon.

The greater the toxic waste buildup, the greater your risk of colon cancer.


Always follow the tips for preventing colon cancer to get yourself safe part away from this killer disease.