Understanding Autism In Children

There are many parents who ask the question what is autism in children?

Are you also facing the same and understand that your child is having some problem?

Autism is actually a disorder related to the neurobehavioral. It causes impairments in the development of languages as well as in communication skills.

Children face problems in social interaction. It is a tremendous problem faced by children often while communicating.

Identifying this problem at an early age within 18 months can make a great difference.

It needs proper institutional care.


What Is This Problem?

The problem is mainly with the children unable to express what they need or want.

This problem is not only by words but even with gestures, touch or facial expressions.

Children who have this autistic problem have some stereotyped and repetitive movements related to body. This can be hand flapping, rocking and pacing.

Even they get aggressive sometimes or even their behavior can be self-injurious. Some children have mild impairments while some have more.

But anyways a proper care and treatment can help your children to get back to normal.

Autism is no more an incurable disease at all.

Signs And Symptoms

You can notice the symptoms of autism within the first 3 years of life.

You have to understand the early signs such as the absence of normal behavior in front of people.

symbol-of-infinity-of-autism-1192408_640Some of the signs in toddlers are

– Avoiding eye contacts

– Does not smile when someone smiles at him/her

– Does not use much signs to communicate including waving goodbye.

– Cannot/doesn’t imitate facial expressions

– Doesn’t respond to cuddling or even do not initiate it

– He/she avoids to ask for help or even any basic requests

Some of the self-stimulatory behaviours to understand autism in your children are – finger flicking, snapping fingers, head banging, spinning objects, starring at lights, repeating words etc.


So, if you are thinking what is autism in children, then these are the details of autism in children.

This can be caused due to many reasons.

It can be because of taking antidepressant pills during pregnancy, deficiency in nutrients during early pregnancy, exposure to any chemical pollutants etc.

So, it is very important to give a proper care and treatment to the children in this case and make sure that he/she is progressing well. The chance of autism is 3 times more in boys than that of the girls.

Do not get worries and talk to an experienced paediatrician about this matter to guide you.